Remarkable wines

Remarkable wines

Schist Soil

The bedrock is schist with some vertical fracturing which allows the roots to dig down deep and draw out the water and the minerality that can later be detected in the wines. This soil is well suited to the vine.

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A land/sea climate

Very little rainfall, a semi-desert climate, with the Tramontana, a hot, dry wind, which helps the grapes to ripen, and the Marin, a cool, humid wind that brings in sea spray at harvest time, resulting in rosé and white wines with a touch of salinity.

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Work in the wineyard and winery

Micro-plot selection, segmentation based on the identified micro-terroirs
Checking of maturity and harvesting according to these micro-terroirs

Harvesting at optimum maturity
We can sometimes go through the same plot of vines up to 5 separate times in order to pick all the grapes!
With 67 plots covering a total of 65 hectares with several pickings per plot = 40-50 people harvesting for a month and a half.  A long and painstaking task!

Vinification tailored to each of these vineyard sub-identities

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Collioure Appellation

Fine Roussillon dry wines: Clos de Paulilles red, white, rosé

Cap Béar: red, white.

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Banyuls Appellation

Our prestigious Roussillon Rimage Vins Doux Naturels, tradition & Grand cru

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